Organic Ice cream in Boulder

If you were wondering about the long gap between my last post and this one, it is only because we were in Colorado for about 10 days. Its a wonderful place, especially in the Rockies. One starts to realise what is at stake, in terms of environment, when one is upclose to the nature. Anyways, while we were in Boulder, CO; we came across a wonderful, small, family-owned Ice cream shop, which specialised in making yummy organic ice creams. It is appropriately named as BLISS. They have a wide variety of ice cream flavors and my personal favorite is Ginger. If you stay in Boulder area, I will say you are lucky to have this shop so close to you, but if you are just visiting Boulder, I will suggest you visit this shop for your ice cream dessert.

Here is a link to their website-


jj said...

I don't believe I've ever had organic ice cream. Sounds good and this ice cream shop looks wonderful!

Jackie said...

Ginger does sound awfully good! Looks like a lovely ice cream shop.