Why Organic?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is organic? and whether it is really beneficial or just another trend? I went through these same questions couple of years back and over these years I have found that Organic food is beneficial. I know sceptics of organic trend will just shake their head but before you say 'Here we go again' I urge you to read on.

The two most important reasons why one should eat organic are:
  1. Does not harm your health
  2. Good for our planet Earth

On the first point, I do not know how beneficial organic food is, but I do know that all those pesticides and insecticides on traditionally grown plant food are not good for you. More about this in the following articles. Organic animal food is even better that traditional animal food, in that, there are no growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides etc... Detailed articles about this topic will follow soon.

On the second, now that most of us are learning more about Global warming, we also know that non-organic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides etc... cause a lot of damage to the earth. They pollute our water systems, are harmful to lots of animals, and this does in the end land up causing harm to us. More about this in future articles.
So just on the basis of these two general points, I hope some of you will GO ORGANIC!!!!!

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